People are curious how creativity comes in one's composition and originality in song. I would say in a word "gratitude". We have all heard it many times before by musicians, actors, artists, etc., but one usually finds this truth through their own personal experience. Deep and profound gratitude, directed towards Omni-Presence in thankfulness, will always move us forward to a greater, more refined spiritual growth. We have been evolving steadily in our progress, reflect upon history of a thousand years. Yes, we still witness war, hate, ignorance but we question our consciousness more deeply now, in turn we no longer feed people to lions for entertainment. 

A line in the song Putting on the Jesus says "love is what we need proposing destruction just ain't getting it done". If we start seeing peace first in our minds eye and believing it to be, ultimately we will cross the threshold of absolute knowing, acknowledging all possibilities. 
It is our responsibility to manifest peace as a higher and pleasing state for mankind. We shall have it when people are determined to attract such a state. When critical mass becomes grounded in equanimity of mind and spirit of universal love, the highest good for all is achieved. Once reached, this magnitude of those moving forward cannot be denied their rising eminence.
If one were to ask how this nirvana is manifested, I would say in a word "gratitude".

          John Duran